Lose 3kg-6kg sustainably
& fix your metabolism in the next 42 Days.


The best part is.. if  you don’t lose weight, we don’t get paid,
completely performance based.

What You Will Learn On Your Free Call

Hitting a Plateau 

How to break through plateaus without going to the gym 5x per week or being on a strict diet.. Use a little known secret absolutely no one but our clients are using.

Eating More Food

How to eat the foods you want and easily change your habits so you can keep your weight for good. 

Boost Metabolism

How to boost your metabolism in a hormone friendly way, regardless of your age, so you can gradually eat more food and fit into your old clothes.

Study Shows

80 to 95% of women gain back the weight they've worked so hard to lose within 1 year.

The Problem.

You're always the person who went to the gym 7x a week, ate clean, heavy lifting, and skipped social events (but didn’t look more in shape than your friends who didn’t work out at all)

1️⃣ You most likely have been dieting for WAY too long, and its causing your hormones to be out of balance.

2️⃣ Thought you’re in a calorie deficit when you aren’t. Even if you are eating a super low calorie diet , you may have slowed down your metabolism and messed up your hormones, which makes fat loss extremely hard.⁣⁣

That's the reason our 42-Day Challenge is meticulously designed based on scientific research and principles of behavioral science. 

It's not only aimed at helping you shed pounds but also at transforming your habits, developing a healthy relationship with food, and securing sustained results in the long run.

It's a straightforward, simple, and proven system for losing weight sustainably while eating the foods you like.  

MEET YOUR 1:1 Sustainable Weight Loss Coaches

Tze Wei 

Tze Wei is a husband and he has been coaching clients since 2012! Tze Wei Lim holds a Master's in Exercise Science and a Bachelor's in Exercise and Sports Science. He specializes in strength and conditioning, weightlifting, and sustainable weight loss. Tze Wei’s approach integrates realistic fitness and nutrition plans tailored to individual lifestyles, ensuring lasting results. He has held various roles, including Sustainable Weight Loss Coach and Strength & Conditioning Coach, and has managed fitness centers, developed training programs, and worked with diverse populations. 


Firdaus is a dedicated fitness professional with a Diploma in Sports Management and extensive experience in sports therapy and recovery. With a strong background in customized stretch programs and core balance therapies, he excels in creating personalized health plans tailored to individual needs. Firdaus has worked in various roles, including Lead Therapist and Department Trainer, where he managed training programs and coached teams to optimize performance. His science-based approach to sustainable weight loss, nutrition and pain management ensures sustainable and effective results for clients.


Shaira has been in the health & wellness space since 2019, serving hundreds of clients. She prides herself in connecting with her clients on a very personal level where she enjoys working with them as a whole, to meet their goals on their journey. A qualified personal trainer, nutritionist and online coach, Shaira blends education, behaviour change and building a foundation of healthy habits to achieve sustainable results when coaching clients. Her mission is to show that weight loss doesn't have to feel impossible and you can give up those fad diets once and for all. When not coaching you'll find her spending time with her family. 


Nathan was a PT for over 10 years, clocking up over thousands of PT hours before deciding to make the move to online coaching. He is known for his strategic leadership at Gold’s Gym Singapore, and fiercely passionate about helping people. Nathan works with clients to improve all areas of your fitness, nutrition and specialises in fat loss & post natal care. Adopting a science-based but realistic approach, Nathan understands that life is busy and stressful but enjoys working through these challenges to help you get sustainable results. Nathan enjoys biking in his free time!


Co-founder of Aabitat, you'll see Mo's face on our social media and videos on our website. When he's not in front of the camera he's coaching the coaching team to ensure we deliver our signature premium 5 star coaching service.

Kar Yip

Kar Yip is a dedicated sustainable weight loss coach with a strong background in sport science and regulatory affairs. Holding a Bachelor of Sport Science in Exercise Science from the University of Malaya, Chin Kar is well-versed in biomechanics, nutrition, physiology, and psychology. His expertise in movement analysis and motor learning programs ensures a comprehensive approach to fitness. His certifications in sports massage, kinesio taping, and basic life support further solidify his capabilities as a fitness professional. Based in Ipoh, Perak, Chin Kar enjoys engaging in various sports, including kayaking, taekwondo, and track and field.

Our Approach

From our experience we see a lot of women who want to lose weight try to solve it by signing up for intensive diets, gym memberships, personal training at our gyms, expensive supplements, prescription drugs or slimming treatments.   

But the real issue is really accountability, tracking, ultimately building sustainable habits for your lifestyle. 

Instead of being on a diet that is destroying your hormones and metabolism for years on end, implement a multi-phase fat loss method that will allow you to go from eating 1200 calories a day to around 2000 calories a day.⁣⁣

➡️ Instead of trying to hit your goal weight in one go, let it happen in PHASES.⁣

That means allowing yourself to take some breaks to live at maintenance. (This is way different than crash dieting, “falling off track”, and then crash dieting again.)⁣

Mainly we look to help people achieve these 3 things

in the next 42 days to jumpstart this
1. Weight loss (hormone friendly) - for the 42 day challenge it will be 3-6kg depending on where you start. 
2. Food Freedom - being able to eat foods you like 

3. Habits that suit your lifestyle so you can sustain the weight loss 
So our plan is to help you to lose the weight and keep it off for good, without any restrictive diets. 
Really focusing more on building habits through accountability and tracking, and a personalised fitness and nutrition plan you like and can actually stick to.

What's included:

Coaching with Aabitat is a short term investment into your long term future. Here's what you can expect

  • Dedicated 1-1 personal coach will create a personalised roadmap that is easy to follow        
  • Personalised Fitness Plan: Exercises tailored to your fitness level and work schedule, allowing you the flexibility to perform them anytime, anywhere
  • ​​Improving Your Eating Habits: You'll be logging your meals in our acclaimed, custom-designed app, where our team monitors every detail for you so you don't have to.​​
  • ​Bi Weekly 1-1 Coaching Call: Review your progress, our team tracks everything to ensure you hit your goal!
  • ​Private members community
  • ​Guaranteed weight loss & lasting change

The #1 Choice For Over 9400 + Happy Customers Worldwide.

Graduates of our programmes

of our clients lose 0.5-1.1kg/week and hit their long term weight loss goal.

of our clients who came in with a daily calorie intake of 900-1240~ calories and overeweight or obese, graduated hitting their weight loss goal and eating 2000-2300+ calories per day. 

of our clients said they love our sustainable approach to weight loss and would recommend us to a friend.


Is this challenge something I am doing on my own? Do we have to meet?
This programme is tailored for people who are busy are don't have time to come to the gym, and looking for long term weight loss. As such the whole challenge is purposely done online so you are able to have something that fits your exact schedule. Your 1:1 coach will be in very close contact with you through our app from Day 1 all the way till Day 42 of the challenge to ensure you are on track.
What is Aabitat Coaching? 
Aabitat coaching is our award-winning one-to-one online fitness, nutrition and mindset coaching program to help you lose weight and keep it off for the rest of your life. Your personal 1:1 coach will guide you through our proven, levels-based Habits Blueprint to reach your goals and develop the skills, knowledge and habits that will keep you healthy for the rest of your life. You’ll graduate understanding how to eat and train for the body you want, within the realities of your unique lifestyle. You’ll improve your relationship with food, cultivate a growth mindset and develop your self-confidence!
Do you provide meal plans? 
We believe that for long-term success in weight loss and weight management, it’s important that you gain the knowledge and skills around how to fuel your individual body. You also need to be able to enjoy life! Meals out and family celebrations often don’t fit into prescribed meal plans and can falsely make you feel you’re “going off track”. This is why we don’t provide meal plans. Instead, we teach you the principles of nutrition and flexible dieting through your coach actually guiding you through it!
Your coach will help you learn: 
What your body needs to lose weight and feel energised 
How to create your own “diet plan” based on foods you regularly eat and enjoy 
How to incorporate social events and still get results. 
By taking this approach, you are continuously educating yourself about food, calories, macro/micronutrients and how these all connect. This knowledge enables you to have complete control and freedom over your diet for the rest of your life!
How can I trust that what worked for you or others will be applicable to my unique circumstances
Trust is earned, and I'm here to earn yours. Your situation is unique, but the principles and practices we employ have been proven effective across a wide range of individuals.
All our programmes are performance based. If you dont get them, we refund you.
How much time do I have to allocate to do this? 
Our average client spends about 1.5-2.5 hours per week to do this programme with their 1:1 coach. How many times do we hear ourselves saying 'I'm too busy' or 'I don't have time' (we have been guilty of that too), reality is its all about prioritising. Do you have 1.5-2.5 hours per week to dedicate to your lifelong health? 
What if I don't have a gym membership or a home gym?
Your coach will create your custom workoutout plan with your unique situation in mind. Your workouts will be designed around your location and the equipment you have available - whether you are at home with no equipment, working out in a fully stocked gym, or modifying your routine on vacation! The goal is to create a convenient and realistic training plan that you can stick to.
What if I have injury or special needs? 
If your medical professional has cleared you for exercise and free of dietary restrictions, then working with a coach can be highly beneficial for preventing or managing common chronic conditions and injuries. Your AABITAT Coach will design safe, effective workouts that meet your specific needs. If you have further questions, please email us at support@aabitat.com, and we will be more than happy to make a recommendation.
Do you care for dietary requirements? 
Absolutely, because this is not a cookie-cutter plan we can cater for pretty much every dietary requirement or preference. Vegans, veggies, pescatarians have all achieved great results with approach.
I'm looking for in person training at a gym 
We have coaches doing 1:1 training at Unstoppable Fitness, Shenton Way House, or at the Strength Yard in Joo Chiat. Over the years of coaching, we saw that 90% of success comes in nutrition, and keeping your weight off comes from building habits that fit your lifestyle. This programme is mainly for busy people looking to lose weight sustainably long term, eating foods they like, and building habits. If you are looking for strength training or have a performance goal, contact us at support@aabitat.com or let us know during your call.
How much does it cost?
It depends on what you need, if I were a doctor I can’t prescribe you panadol if what you need is surgery.
What i can tell you is that we are not a typical $100 or $200 online program like most you see online.
This is not a course, a meal plan or workout program, this is a once and for all lifestyle change.
You’ll get rapid results and sustain them. 
Top notch, up-to-date science backed approaches.
Also: you either pay for good health now, or for bad health later.This is what you pay for bad health:
Heart disease - $18,953 a year
Diabetes - $16,750 a year
Triple Bypass Surgery - $75,345
Kidney Disease - $89,000 a year
High Blood Pressure - $1,200 a year
How much is it worth it to you to avoid all these costs?

Coach questions

How will my coach track my progress? 
Sycn your Smart Device (Iphone, Smart watch, Garmin etc) with our AABITAT app. Your coach will use the data from your device to get detailed insight into your workouts and daily activity level.
We know that the scale doesn’t tell the full story so we use three main metrics to measure your progress: 
– Weight 
– Measurements 
– Photos 
These will all be recorded inside the Aabitat app and will never be accessed or shared by anyone other than your coach without your permission. Using multiple methods is much more reflective of your true progress, rather than relying on just one measure (usually weight). This “full picture” enables us to see if you’re progressing at the expected rate and to make any changes to your training or nutrition plan if necessary.
How do you allocate my coach?
On your breakthrough call, we spend time getting to know you as a person; we want to understand your goals, your challenges and your expectations. An in depth assessment will also be shared with you, and based on this, we will allocate the perfect coach to understand you and your individual circumstances and of course – help you reach your goals! If you already follow some of our coaches and you have a preference, please let us know. Although we cannot guarantee that your coach of choice will have availability, we will do our best to pair you with them or a coach who shares a similar approach or personality!
How will I contact my coach?
You have access to your coach throughout your journey, to help you with any questions or queries you may have. As well as your scheduled 1:1 calls via your bi weekly check-in, it’s really easy to contact your coach Mon – Sun on our app. They will get back to you within 24 hours, depending on time zones.
As a fully remote service, how does my coach know what I'm doing?
Your Aabitat App is the hub for you to log your workouts, food intake, progress measurements and habit completion. Don’t worry, the app is very easy and we have had people upwards of 60-70 years old who have used the app! Keeping your app up to date will allow your coach to see your progress and see how you’re getting on with the programme day to day. It may sound like you’ll be tracking a lot! But as well as this keeping you mindful, it gives your coach the ability to see a full picture of your progress, understand what is happening, diagnose any potential issues and adjust your plan accordingly. Of course, this is dependent on your full and honest recording of your daily actions, which is your side of the deal 😉 
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